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Carlos Saucedo Name: Carlos Saucedo
Age: 16
Art Form: Performing Arts

Artist Statement:

Expressing myself is what I personally think I do best. As of right now I can't really see myself doing anything else other than my art form. Dancing for me is life. It runs deep inside of me. Performing is the source of energy that powers my life. I can't really explain it. Achieving goals through my art form means so much to me, it shows that hard work and self-discipline pays off in the long run, and I think of myself as the perfect example of that.


Being 16 makes me feel phenomenal about my future knowing that I've already accomplished so much. My goals to be confident in all I do with no regrets and goals of success through my Hispanic culture have already been accomplished. Looking back at what I've accomplished so far is much to be proud of. I am a head captain for Danza Guadalupana. I have taught my own hip-hop class, received lead roles in school musicals, and I am also a member of the schools student Leadership team. Where I served as treasurer last semester. But my latest and most treasured accomplishment was being offered a contract with a well-known local dance company, City Dance Theatre. Being with City Dance gave me the opportunity to audition for Viva El Paso and extraordinary flamenco showcase in which I will be performing in September of 08'.

Future Plans:

As for now I don't really know what the future holds for me. Anything else other than performing is not an option. I do plan on attending college and if all goes well, I would like to attend Julliard, but as we all know Julliard is one of the (if not the) hardest art-based colleges to attend. But anything with a challenge is worth a try.

Live, Thrive, Challenge, and you too will succeed. - Carlos Saucedo

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